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Cardfight!! Vanguard™ The Galaxy Star Gate

Includes further support for the Nova Grappler, Dimension Police, and Link Joker clans. Includes special reprints of the following cards as RRR. Extreme Battler, Break-pass, Cosmic Hero, Grandbea, Companion Star Star-vader, Photon . There are 72 new cards and 4 reprints. Includes 76 cards (1 ZR, 3 GR, 6 RRR, 12 RR, 21 R and 33 C) + 12 SP (Parallel) cards. Each pack includes 7 cards, two of them being R or greater. Some packs will include 2 RR or 1 RRR + 1 RR, but never 2 RRR. 12 Packs per box.

In Stock in stock

KK Price: 34.95

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