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YuGiOh! Maximun Crisis Special Edition Delux Box Display (10ct)

Each Display contains 10 Special Editions Boxes. Each box of Raging Tempest Special Edition comes with 3 booster packs of Raging Tempest, plus 1 of 2 foil version preview cards from the Spring 2017 booster and 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards! With Raging Tempest, Duelists can look forward to a set filled with great new cards for a variety of themes like SPYRAL, Ancient Gears, Subterrors, Crystrons, Shaddolls and more. Raging Tempest also has many powerful standalone cards that can be used in many different Decks. RRP £7.99

In Stock in stock

Wholesale Price: 63.99

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