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Cardfight!! Vanguard™ Trial Deck : Debut of the Divas


It's the debut of the first Bermuda Triangle Trial Deck Debut of the Divas with lots of new mermaid idols! The arrival of a new theme means you can further upgrade this trial deck with the Prismatic Divas Clan Booster released on the same day! The trial deck includes many exclusive cards that are necessary for forming a deck as well! An SP card with a different illustration is included randomly too! 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 54 cards (50 card deck + 4 G unit cards) and includes 18 types of cards (19 types of cards (19 new cards + no reissue cards, inclusive of 4 holo cards). Also includes a First guide, playmat and Bermuda Triangle clan card.

In Stock in stock

KK Price: 13.95