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Cardfight!! Vanguard™ V Booster Set 03: Miyaji Academy CF Club Booster Box

The Miyaji Academy CF Club Booster Pack expansion includes cards designed to work well with the clans featured in the two Trial Decks being released at the same time as well as cards from the “Nubatama,” “Royal Paladin,” and “Gold Paladin” clans. There will be a total of 84 new cards in this expansion, in the following rarities: 5 VR, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 17 R, and 42 C, plus 5 parallel SVR, 6 parallel OR, 2 parallel IMR, and 5 SCR cards, as well as 1 SCR Reissue: “Blaster Blade.” 1 booster pack contains 7 random cards, 1 display contains 16 packs.

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