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Pokémon Sun and Moon Burning Shadows Theme Deck - Lycanroc

You will receive one Pokemon Sun and Moon Burning Shadows Rock Steady Theme Deck, includes damage counters, a two-player playmat, an Inner deckbox, a custom coin, and a TCGO code card. What strange fires lurk in the shadows? Minions of Team Skull and a cavalcade of new Pokémon stand ready to battle in the dark of night and in the blazing sun! Slug it out with new titans like Necrozma-GX and Tapu Fini-GX, or battle with trusty allies from Machamp-GX and Charizard-GX to Darkrai-GX and Ho-Oh-GX. Fight for what’s right with the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows expansion!

In Stock in stock

KK Price: 10.95