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YuGiOh Code of the Duelist Booster Box

The set is the first booster in the link format and includes cards to bring the new mechanic's archetypes into relevance as well as being the first expansion in Series 10 and Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. Includes cards used by Yuya Sakaki, Declan Akaba, Yuri, Zarc, Yusaku Fujiki, Go Onizuka, and Aoi Zaizen and support for the Dark Contract, Dark World, D/D, D/D/D, Lightsworn, Odd-Eyes, Predaplant, Saber, Supreme King Servant Dragon, Traptrix, and Trap Hole archetypes, as well as the Captain, Dark counterpart and Rescue series. It also introduces the Gouki, Star Grail, and Trickster archetypes. 24 Boosters per Box

In Stock in stock

KK Price: 59.95