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YuGiOh Duelist Saga Pack - 5 Pack Value Sealed Display

Huge Value plus sealed display increases chance of equal spread of the cards! Finishing the job started by the hugely popular Premium Gold set, the new Premium Gold 2 follows through with updates and upgrades to dozens more cards from the golden age of Yu-Gi-Oh! up to the present day. Includes 48 top cards released with Gold Rare technology for the first time. Dozens of cards spanning the years, from all 5 pieces of Exodia to Number 101: Silent Honor ARK!, PLUS 21 new cards, all in Gold Secret technology, including cards for Blackwing, HERO, and Number Decks! Total set size is 91 cards, 21 Secret Gold Rares and 70 Gold Rares. Each Premium Gold 2 Pack contains a total of 15 cards: 6 Gold Secrets and 9 Gold Rares

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