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YuGiOh Duelist Saga Pack

As the Duelists of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V begin their journey across dimensions, step back and look at the entire history of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise with Duelist Saga, a special set featuring new cards from all five incarnations of Yu-Gi-Oh! The 40 new cards in Duelist Saga are a mix of cards from the manga series, the animated series, and cards inspired by some of the coolest monsters and concepts from each series. 100 card set to COLLECT - 40 new cards, 60 classic cards from each era of Yu-Gi-Oh! All cards appear in a new, different type of Ultra Rare technology. Each box contains three 5-card Booster Packs, each of which contains 3 of the new cards, and 2 of the classic cards - giving 9 new and 6 classic cards per tuckbox.

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