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Symph Amplifire (Common)

Each time an effect of a Symphonic Warrior card is activated, place 1 Symphonic Counter on this card when that effect resolves. All Symphonic Warrior monsters on the field gain 100 ATK for each Symphonic Counter on this card. Once per turn: You can remove 5 or 7 Symphonic Counters from your field; apply this effect, depending on the number of Symphonic Counters removed.
*  5 Counters: Inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each Symphonic Warrior card on the field.
*  7 Counters: Banish cards your opponent controls and/or in their Graveyard, up to the number of Symphonic Warrior cards on the field.
Type:Spell Card
Attributes:Spell Card

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KK Price: 0.25